Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Etsy Want Wednesday - Nerd Herder!

Rockitbot's Nerd Herder wallet has made me squee with glee! I've actually ordered this product (and even asked for some alterations) simply because it's just.. well.. cool. 

This thing can pretty much hold all the little things you drag around with you. Phone, credit card, ID's, SD cards, headphones... all sorts O stuffs! Rockitbot was more than happy to make a few little adjustments for me.. I wanted a wrist strap, I wanted a small snappy thing to keep my phone in place.. No problem! 

The incredible amount of choice you have in fabrics will kinda make you go Omg! too. 

For $28.00, this is definitely a budget friendly must have.


Anthony Albino said...

That deff looks super cool now if they only had that in guy colors very detailed and organized :-)

Josh Baker said...

This Rockitbot's Nerd Herder wallet is really cool. I never thought there was a wallet that could your phone and headphones too!
Just wondering if they have different styles and patterns as well?
Great post!

Anonymous said...


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