Monday, April 12, 2010

2 Cute 4 Words - Why not go cute in da house?

Shanalogic's Mini Birdcage Pillow makes me want to squeel with joy!

Check out this adorable mini throw pillow by mymimi! It features a unique illustration of two super-sweet birds hanging out in their lovely birdcage! Each mini pillow is 7.5"x6"x 2.5" deep and would add cuteness to any room! Buy one or mix and match!

I want to buy 10 of these and wallow in cuteness all damn day! $18.00 is not a bad deal, either!

 I realize cute is in the eyes of the beholder, and yes, this little mouse is dead (as made obvious by the x's for eyes, which everyone knows means your dead) but seriously? It's got pom pom trim! Almost anything is cute with pom pom trim (not huge pimp cars though. Not cute)

The Cherry Box has an entire obnoxiously adorable line called "Plushkill Forest". I would like ALL of them. I'd line my entryway hallway with them, complete with small plaques denoting what each one was. SO scary cute!

I have no clue why you would want these. But they are cute. And I happen to be a big supporter of toast. Personally, I think sharpening the edges of toast turn plain bread into a scary weapon. Just think of it. Biodegradable Japanese Throwing Toast! Scary.. not kidding. BUT.. these aren't scary. They're just cute.

I love Etsy for "Cuteness"..I also love Etsy for the sheer pleasure of finding some wacky people making really odd stuff.

These are created by toshiiiko for $16.00.

Well HELLO Mr. Cuteybird McSweetie!

At FredFlare function meets feathered friends with this set of tweety wall hooks! Sold only as a surprise assortment in a merry mix
of pink, green, brown and white with all hardware included. They are almost too sweet to use! 

In my other browser window I'm launching an order for these. Two for $20 bucks ain't a bad deal.. and OMG how adorably adorable are they?


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Totes adorbs! ;)

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